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Consulting Firms In London

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Consultants are individuals who offer advice to others on specific subject matters. They tackle client concerns, from basic to complex, like how to grow sales, how to restructure the company, etc. Consultants are also referred to as problem solvers in the business context.

Pivot Digital Ventures is one of the top consulting firms in the UK and can diagnose and cure any business or strategic problems that you encounter on a day-to-day basis. We provide innovative digital strategies and use the latest technologies to assist clients with the adoption of digital transformation.

While there is no defined classification of consulting firms, they can be distinguished into the following categories:


  1. Management Consulting firms London

This is the most popular type of consultancy provided by major consulting firms across the globe. They work with clients and provide recommendations on the basis of data-driven and structured analyses. They assist with the formulation of strategies at various levels. They focus on an in-depth investigation of the market and client competencies to arrive at actionable solutions. Most often, the problems handled by management consulting firms London include decisions pertaining to market entry and reversing declining profit margin.

  1. Implementation Firms

While management consulting firms offer recommendations and solutions, companies feel that these are too theoretical and generic. They need assistance and support on the implementation of strategies. Management consultancy helps clients to know what they need to do, which solves 50% of the problem but they still need to tackle the other 50% by understanding how the plan must actually be carried out. Even if the recommendations are accurate but there are loopholes in the actual implementation phase, clients do not achieve the desired results. Therefore, the need for implementation of consultancy firms has risen.

Classification based on Area

  1. Function focus firms

A number of top consulting firms in the UK focus on solving problems related to a specific function – HR, finance, IT, legal systems, and more. This means that they have expertise in handling function-related problems and have handled the same in various organizations. They also have readymade solutions based on approaches that are tried and tested in the past.

  1. Industry focus firms

As the name suggests, these firms stick to offering services to clients in a particular industry. The various industries commonly requiring the services of consulting firms in London today are not limited to but include healthcare, financial institutions, e-commerce, technology, FMCG, etc.

The best part about hiring these firms is that they specialize in the operations of the given industry. They have expertise in every aspect. They understand the whole sector and know what trends exist. They are in a better position to provide recommendations and suggest strategies since they are constantly researching the industry, target market, policies, competitors, growth, economy, etc. Unlike other consulting firms, they have their research and study ready.

The number of consulting firms has significantly grown in the last few years. This is because of the changing dynamics of the target market. As one of the leading consulting firms in London, we offer services across diverse industries and functions.

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