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How to Set Up a Business In The UK – A Simple Guide

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If you talk to any small business owner or entrepreneur, you’ll understand that starting a business requires a lot of hard work. While generating a business idea is the first step, there’s no value of the idea without effort. Some budding entrepreneurs are aware of the effort required to set up a business but they don’t generally know the various steps for how to set up a business in the UK.

If you’re interested in starting your business, we at Pivot Digital Ventures can help you on your journey. From the phase of idea generation to the actual launch, execution, and sustenance, we provide clients just what they need. We make sure that you reach your goals and receive the desired results.

We have a process streamlined for new-age startup owners. Tasks like choosing the name of the company, its logo, and the domain name are obvious steps that all entrepreneurs take but the difference lies in how you take charge of the idea in the future.

How to set up a business in the UK with Pivot Digital Ventures?

  1. Refine your idea

The first and foremost step that you need to take before starting a business is evaluating your idea. Conduct a quick search for companies existing in your industry, the problems they are solving and the services they provide to customers. Understand if what you wish to offer is any different from what is already being delivered and if you think your business can deliver something others aren’t, your idea is set to launch in the market.

  1. Assess your finances

An important thing to consider as you think about how to set up a business in the UK is knowing how much money you have for the same. How are you going to cover the various costs? Do you have a savings of your own? Are you going to try and raise funds? For how long can you sustain without a profit? These are important questions to consider and you must understand your financial position before you go into further complexities.

  1. Decide on the legal business structure

Prior to the registration process, it is important to determine what kind of entity your business is. The structure of your business has a legal impact on everything from tax filing procedures to personal liability in case of anything wrong.

  1. Team building and branding

You need to hire a great team who can help with various tasks. You must try to hire experts in the field who can share responsibilities and offer advice as and when required. You need to also establish an image for your brand before your products start to sell. The stage of branding is important since it can attract or distract customers.

Pivot Digital Ventures takes care of commercials, providing extensive support with sales and development activities including; building a launch strategy, conducting competitor analysis, establishing a vision along with innovative and robust company roadmaps; branding and digital design, ensuring that you are updated with the latest technologies and that anyone who needs you can find and engage with you; and investor relations, building relationships with investors and assisting with capital raises.

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